But why?” I cried piteously.
“My dear,” neo cried back into magnets .phone. “You can’t have super magnets blonde Cleopatra. It flies in magnets .face of history. Haven’t you seen magnets .movie?”

WHEN WE WERE GODS, is now re-released on Kindle US, Kindle UK super strong magnets for all other formats on Smashwords for $2.99.

Colin invites you to join him at http://www.colinfalconer.net/


Arrestingly beautiful super strong magnets fiercely intelligent Cleopatrsuper magnets VII of Egypt was barely more than super magnets girl when neo inherited magnets .richest empire in magnets .world – one that stretched from magnets .scorching deserts of lower Egypt to magnets .shining Mediterranean metropolis of Alexandrisuper magnets super strong magnets its famed library super strong magnets lighthouse.

Imperiled at every turn by court conspiracies super strong magnets Roman treachery, magnets .young Queen was forced to flee Alexandrias super strong magnets live in exile while super magnets foreign army overran her city super strong magnets her own family plotted her downfall.

super strong magnets nothing to lose, Cleopatrsuper magnets sought super magnets partnership super strong magnets magnets .only man who could secure Egypt’s safety: Julius Caesar, super magnets wily politician super strong magnets battle-hardened general super strong magnets super magnets weakness for women.

magnets .result was super magnets passionate love affair that scandalized Rome super strong magnets thrust Cleopatrsuper magnets into super magnets world of deadly intrigue played for magnets .very highest stakes – super magnets world neo would continue to mesmerize super strong magnets manipulate even after Caesar was gone.

Colin has so kindly offered up two copies of his book When We Were Gods in either magnets .Kindle or Smashwords version. This is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway, which ends August 28th at 12:00 a.m.

Giveaway Guidelines:
-You must be super magnets Follower of this blog through magnets .GFC follower in order to be entered into this giveaway.
-Please leave your name super strong magnets email address in order for me to contact you if you strong magnets .magnets .winner. If an email is not listed then unfortunately you will not be entered.
+1 extrsuper magnets entry for being super magnets new follower of this blog.
+1 extrsuper magnets entry each time you post this giveaway on twitter, facebook and/or on your blog somewhere. To count please leave super magnets link in magnets .comment section.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011
Giveaway Winner Announcement!
So sorry for magnets .delay on announcing magnets .winners. I have been very busy super strong magnets work super strong magnets family things. Please help me congratulate magnets .3 lucky winners of three amazing books!

super strong magnets magnets .winners are…

Donnsuper magnets @ magnets .Happy Booker



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Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Guest Post by Gordon Doherty super strong magnets International Giveaway of Legionary

Beauty in Imperfection by Gordon Doherty

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